How do I get my Golf-ID?

Your Golf-ID will be sent to you as soon as your membership is registered. The e-mail will be sent to you from the Swedish Golf Federation. If you by any reason didn’t get this e-mail please contact us: and we will send the information to you again.

Forgot your Golf-ID?
How do I get my password?
Forgot your password to Min Golf (My Golf)
When and how do I get my membership card?
How do I know that my membership is active?
Do I need a membership card when I play on different golf curses?
Do I need my HCP certificate when I play on different golf curses?
I’m having problem with register my HCP on Min Golf (MY Golf)
How do i register golf runds in Min Golf (My Golf)?


Swedish Golf Alliance, what’s that?

The Swedish Golf Alliance (SGA) is a web platform connected to Ekholmsnäs Golf Club. As a member of SGA you get a full membership in Ekholmsnäs Golf Club. For more information click on The Alliance.  

Ekholmsnäs Golf Club, what’s that?
What’s a full membership?
Can I play on all courses around the world with this membership?
What’s included in the membership?
For how long is the membership valid?
How do I terminate the membership?

HCP certificat

How to I get my HCP certificat?

You get your HCP certificate by logging in to your profile on Min Golf (My Golf) using your Golf-ID and Password. Once logged in you can print a copy of the certificate and bring it with you when you play on coursers around the world. For more information on how to log in to Min Golf (My Golf) and on how to navigate in your profile click on our Guide.

Do I get a membership card?
How do I change my HCP
How do I get my Golf-ID and/or password?

Membership fees

Is the membership terminated after the year I payed for?

Yes. The membership is for the period from 1 of January to 31 of December. You will get a mail before the membership expires including information on how to extend the membership.

How do I pay for the membership?
I’m a new member. When do I pay the membership fee?
I’m already a member. When do I have to pay the membership fee for next year?
Can I pay me membership fee with other methods then credit card?


Telephone: +46 708 75 25 57



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Visiting address

Ekholmsnäs Golf Club
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181 41 Lidingö

Opening hours

Office - Mon-Fri 10.00 - 16.00
Golf Course - Open